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Crafting Digital Wonders - Melissa, the Web Design Enthusiast


Family First

I'm Melissa, a dedicated freelance Web Designer from Perth, WA. Beyond my love for crafting visually stunning websites, I embrace the joyous role of being a first-time mum to my adorable baby girl.

While on maternity leave and with a 9 week old in my arms, I fearlessly embarked on my web design adventure, enrolling in the Cert IV in Information Technology (Web Design) course. 

Supported wholeheartedly by my incredible husband, I navigated the challenges of juggling motherhood and learning. His unwavering encouragement and willingness to lend a helping hand have been the wind beneath my wings, empowering me to pursue my passion for web design.

Guided by my supportive brother-in-law, I'm fueled by passion and determination to thrive in this ever-evolving industry. Together, as a tight-knit family, we're riding the waves of success and embracing the adventure that is Nosy Narwhal Web Designs.

Embracing the Challenge - Toy Store Project

My journey in web development kicked off with an exhilarating challenge during the Cert IV in Web Development program. For my maiden assignment, I was tasked with creating a captivating one-page toy shop website using only HTML and CSS. Eager to showcase my creativity and skills, I delved into a colorful realm, distinguishing each section without resorting to DIV elements.

This project served as a pivotal learning experience, teaching me the importance of clean and structured code. Embracing semantic HTML and CSS, I harnessed the power of CSS styling techniques to fashion a visually appealing and user-friendly layout, imbued with the playful essence of a toy store.

The project fuelled my curiosity, propelling me to explore the ever-evolving realm of web development. I am eager to tackle more challenging projects, master new technologies, and create innovative web experiences that leave a lasting impact on users. My commitment to honing my skills, learning from seasoned professionals, and infusing creativity into web design remains unwavering.

First Project

Breathing New Life into "The Marketplace"

My web design journey led me to a thrilling second assignment - revamping an outdated website, "The Marketplace." Armed with enthusiasm and creativity, I embarked on a transformational journey. With the name and logo as the only constants, everything else needed renewal.

Breathing new life into "The Marketplace" demanded ingenuity. I reimagined user experiences and harnessed cutting-edge web design principles to craft a modern and captivating online destination. Redesigning each of the four pages, I focused on optimising performance, ensuring responsiveness and accessibility across various devices.

My dedication to clean and organised code allowed me to create a seamless and user-friendly interface for visitors. The revamped website stands as a testament to the power of a well-crafted online presence, delighting both users and the business.

Enhancing businesses and organisations through my passion for web design is my calling. I remain committed to delivering exceptional online experiences, and I am eager to embrace new challenges, staying at the forefront of this dynamic industry.

Empowering Parents - Baby Car Seats Project

As a new mother, my third assessment on baby car seats held personal significance. Witnessing a lack of educational material on appropriate child restraints inspired me to make a difference. This project was the foundation for a website that aims to provide parents with vital information on child car seat safety, usage, and essential precautions.

Using my web design skills, I crafted an informative platform to educate and empower parents, ensuring their little ones travel safely. By focusing on SEO, Findability, and Accessibility, the website seeks to reach a wider audience, making a meaningful impact in the realm of child safety.

Empathy and dedication merged as I poured my heart into this project. My passion for web design extends beyond aesthetics; it serves a purpose to safeguard the precious lives of children on the road. I am committed to utilising my skills to create positive change and to make the world a safer place for families.

Carnaby Canvas

Empowering Adventures - Carnaby Canvas E-Commerce

Thrilled to venture into e-commerce, I collaborated with Carnaby Canvas, delivering a captivating online shopping experience. As Nosy Narwhal Web Designs, I combined creativity and functionality, crafting an intuitive interface for premium camping gear and durable bags.

Strategic call-to-action buttons and optimised checkout enhance user satisfaction and conversions. With SEO in mind, Carnaby Canvas stands out, attracting adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

But my work doesn't end there. I maintain an ongoing partnership, continuously refining the website for optimal performance and growth.

Now, my passion extends to empowering businesses in the digital landscape, making a splash in web design. Ready to ride this exciting wave together? Let's embark on a journey of success!

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